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Ban on Twitter and Instagram in Myanmar, people protested by playing utensils of military coup

Yangon Myanmar military officials have also banned the use of Twitter and Instagram, increasing the scope of the ban on social media following the coup earlier this week. Meanwhile, in the country’s largest city of Yangon, people protested against the military coup by playing utensils and plastic bottles. In addition to the ban on Facebook and other apps, the military government on Friday ordered communication operators and Internet service providers to ban the use of Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter services stopped at night
A statement said that some people are using these two platforms to spread fake news. ‘Netblocks’, which monitors social media platforms and disrupted them, has confirmed that Twitter services have been discontinued from 10 pm. Instagram has already been banned. Norway’s telecom company Telenor, which is operating in Myanmar, has said that it has complied with the order, but has also questioned the ‘need for directions’.

A sharp eye is being kept on the media
Government media in Myanmar and Facebook, which has become the main source of news and information in the country, is being monitored closely. Facebook has also been used to organize demonstrations.

Significantly, in Myanmar, the army overthrew and detained many top leaders of his party, including top leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Army-owned ‘Mayawadi TV’ had announced on Monday morning that the army has taken control of the country for a year.

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