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Ban on TikTok in Pakistan, app banned on 9 October

Islamabad: Pakistan’s telecom watchdog on Monday lifted the ban on video-sharing Chinese app Ticketock. This step has been taken after the company operating it has assured to control ‘unethical material’.

What did Ticktock say?

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) had banned TikTok on October 9 after receiving several complaints of unethical content. The PTA tweeted, ‘It was decided to lift the ban after the management (Ticketcock) got an assurance that they would block all accounts that spread obscenity and immorality. Tiktok will improve the account as per local laws.

Earlier, the PTA had alleged that the video app operating company failed to curb obscene and unethical content despite repeated objections. On Saturday, the Ticketock-owned company promised to invest more resources to improve its services here.

What did bytdans say?

Earlier, Tittock-owned Chinese company BiteDance has regretted that its services in Pakistan have been suspended for more than a week. The company said on Saturday, “Tiktok’s mission is to inspire creativity and enjoyment, and that’s what we did in Pakistan.” We have created a community whose creativity and passion has made the people of Pakistan happy and opened up economic opportunities for talented people. ”

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