Ballerina: Ana de Armas approached to wear the John Wick derivative film

The Cuban actress, formidable counterpart of James Bond in To die can wait, would use his talent for action scenes by setting up an assassin in search of revenge.

To die can wait, the latest James Bond, has divided fans and exegetes. But not her. In the guise of CIA agent Paloma who was the equal of an 007 in weapon handling and sarcasm and got him out of a bad patch in an ambush in Cuba, Ana de Arnas made the unanimity. To the point that many see in her the heiress of Daniel Craig. A fantasy because the producers of the franchise have always said that it will always be a man who will put on the costume of the hero of Ian Fleming.

But this flamboyant single-scene appearance in the Cuban actress’ slit evening dress, river of diamonds and machine gun, revealed by Blade Runner 2049 and With knives drawn, inspires other Hollywood pundits.

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Ana de Armas is in talks, according to the specialized press, to play the main role of Ballerina, the derivative film of the John Wick action franchise, worn by Keanu Reeves. In Ballerina, the 33-year-old actress would camp an assassin in search of revenge on those who decimated her family. In development for several years, the feature film would be directed by Len Wiseman from the vampire and werewolf fantasy sage Underworld. The screenplay is signed by Shay Hatten, already at the helm of the third, fourth and fifth sections of John wick.

Expected for May 2022, John Wick: Chapter 4 is currently filming in Paris.

Ana de Armas is set to make a splash again in Blonde hair, sulphurous portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Andrew Dominik. Distributed and broadcast by Netflix, the film would be so graphic that the platform would have tried, rarely, to revise the cut, but finally bowed to Andrew Dominik’s vision. The upload date has not yet been communicated.


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