Bahrain approves the Pfizer vaccine

Bahrain issued an emergency license for the Pfizer vaccine on December 4, becoming the second country after Britain to approve the vaccine.

Bahrain is an oil-dependent Middle Eastern country with a large migrant workforce. The country records the highest rate of nCoV cases per capita in the world, according to our data New York Times.

Bahrain’s approval “would add an important layer of protection to the kingdom’s fight against Covid-19, which gave a strong priority to protecting the health of all citizens and residents during the pandemic”, advancing said Mariam Al Jalahma, Director of the National Health Administration.

Lindsey Dietschi, Chief Representative of Pfizer Middle East, called the approval a “historic moment” in his fight against Covid-19.

“This authorization is the goal that we are aiming for, since the first time the company has declared that science will win the pandemic,” she said.

The UK was the first country to approve the Pfizer / BioNtech vaccine on December 2. At that time, no countries approved the trial use of the Pfitzer vaccine for mass vaccination. It is expected that the UK will launch the Covid-19 vaccination campaign next week with the first 800,000 doses.

Russia and China are two countries that have urgently approved self-researching Covid-19 vaccines, having not completed clinical trials to prove their safety and efficacy.

In November, Bahrain approved the use of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine for frontline labor.

US Pfizer and German partner BioNTech is the first research unit in the world to announce the completion of the Covid-19 vaccine trial, which is 95% effective. The Pfizer vaccine consists of two injections that must be stored in extremely cold temperatures, making it difficult to ship the product around the world. Pfizer is expected to ship 50 million doses in December.

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