Backhand necrosis due to diabetes complications

Tay NinhA 67-year-old woman in Trang Bang, a 10-year history of diabetes but without treatment, was stabbed in the hand by zinc, the infection led to necrosis.

On April 10, Doctor Nguyen Van Minh, Department of Trauma and Orthopedics, Xuyen A General Hospital, Tay Ninh, said that the patient’s left hand was draining, blistering water from the wrist to the back of the hand, the wound. large 10×10 cm. In addition, patients with high blood sugar with acute renal failure and acute diarrhea.

The surgeon removes necrotic tissue, covers the inguinal skin until the skin is alive and well, surgery to separate, called the skin flap technique with stalks. Dr Minh said: “The patient has large necrosis of the skin, so he cannot graft skin, has to be shaped by the technique of skin flap with stalks to reduce the risk of infection, preserve the mobility of fingers, cover Cover the skin loss area, avoid removing limbs “.

Dr. Minh recommends that people with diabetes should follow their doctor’s treatment process to stabilize blood sugar. Absolutely do not use folk methods, self-medicating for treatment. Diabetic patients with wounds should quickly go to medical facilities for treatment, because the wound will become infected, which progress quickly.

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