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Back to school: “Will there be a health pass to accompany your child?” “

Hello Elisa,

The Ministry of National Education announces that there will be no need for a health pass to go to schools. You will therefore be able to attend your daughter’s return to school, even if you have not yet been vaccinated at the beginning of September.

“The access of accompanying persons to school buildings must be limited to what is strictly necessary and be done after cleaning and disinfection of the hands”, However, is it specified in the health protocol published on July 28 by the ministry. The barrier gestures will continue to apply during the school year. You must therefore wear a mask (surgical or category 1 fabric) indoors, under the same conditions as those applicable to personnel.

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Regarding the course days, parents or accompanying adults will also be informed “Schedules to be respected to avoid gatherings during reception and exit times” students.


When should students wear a mask during the school year?

Four scenarios are contained in the national education protocol. They are associated with levels or color codes. The level retained by the ministry will be adjusted during the year – at the local or national level – according to the epidemic indicators provided by Public Health France.

Whatever the level : the wearing of the mask is prohibited for the pupils of the nursery schools.

Level 1 (green) : wearing a mask is compulsory for middle and high school students in confined spaces and the rules relating to wearing a mask outdoors in the general population are respected

Level 2 (yellow) : wearing a mask is also compulsory for elementary school students in confined spaces.

Level 3 and 4 (orange and red) : the wearing of a mask becomes compulsory outdoors for elementary school students, middle school and high school students.


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