Bach Mai Hospital installed a heating plant to dispel the cold

Hanoi20 industrial heating plants installed on the pavement of the Emergency Department, Bach Mai Hospital, help the patient’s family warm, dispel the cold while waiting for relatives’ news.

The North is experiencing long, damaging cold spells, in many places the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius. Bach Mai Hospital has built houses for family members of poor patients for only 20,000 VND per person per day and night. . However, on the sidewalk along the roadway of Emergency Department A9 – which receives many emergency patients from the provinces moved to – has long become the “docking station” for many sick family members.

The leader of Bach Mai Hospital said that the hospital security force regularly mobilized family members to stay in the house to stay away to avoid cold, ensure health and preserve personal property. However, due to the need to monitor the situation of the family members who are in the emergency room in a timely manner, many people still reside in the benches and trees.

This winter, the hospital bought 20 industrial gas heaters, located on the sidewalks along the A9 road. They are radiant heaters, using gas as a heat-generating fuel, with 6 times more heat flow than conventional heaters.

The patient’s family member sits next to the heater to keep warm. Image: Mai Thanh.

The heaters attract many people to avoid cold

Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, 45 years old, from Ha Tinh, said he had just brought his brother from his hometown to Bach Mai Hospital for emergency, he did not know the situation yet, so he could not enter the hospital’s residence house to rest.

“Standing next to the heating tree is very warm. I am very impatient, do not know how he lives or die, and do not know how long to wait and what will happen again”, Toan shared.

Le Nga