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Baccalaureate: the first results fell

Admitted, catching up or refused? Today, Tuesday July 6, the 715,000 candidates for the new baccalaureate are gradually discovering their results, already communicated in about twenty academies. The outcome of a 2021 session turned upside down by the health crisis and whose organization was peppered with hiccups.

The suspense is however reduced for this first edition of the “bac Blanquer”, resulting from the reform of 2018: the continuous assessment represents at least 82% of the final mark of the candidates for the general and technological baccalaureate, several exams on the table having been canceled in due to Covid-19. The only tests maintained: the written philosophy and the grand oral, which correspond to the remaining 18% of the final mark.

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The high school students have also benefited from changes in philosophy to take into account the disruptions in teaching this year. They could choose between four subjects, instead of three and it is the best mark which is retained, between that obtained in the test and that of the continuous control, on condition of having returned its copy.

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To find out the overall percentage of candidates automatically accepted for the baccalaureate, it will be necessary to wait until the evening. Last year, 91.5% of candidates were received straight away, a record high. After the catch-up orals, the success rate climbed to 95%. ” The success rate is expected to be very good “, Anticipates Jean-Rémi Girard, president of the Snalc union (secondary). ” The only unknown is the effect of the harmonization juries, we will see if that has an influence.. “

Hiccups but a “very positive” result according to the minister

These juries, which have access to the students’ marks, their assessments and statistical elements of the high schools, are instructed to harmonize normally this year, while last year, they had to either keep the marks or harmonize them to the rise.

In Île-de-France, juries were still held on Monday, July 5, when they had to deliberate last week, due to computer malfunctions. This setback should have no impact on the publication of the results, according to the ministry.

Tuesday the results will be there, with students who will be very happy to have lived this ritual, the results are very positive “, Defended Monday the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, during a press lunch. ” There were logistical problems but in terms of the exam itself, everyone saw the benefit of doing this, for the students and for the teachers.

Many philosophy professors responsible for proofreading the copies have expressed their anger at the delays in the distribution of batches of copies, scanned to be corrected on the computer for the first time. The test of the grand oral also experienced disruptions with delays in sending invitations to students and teachers to compose the juries.


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