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Baccalaureate 2022: time for results for 710,000 candidates

Can they go on vacation with their diploma in hand? The results of the baccalaureate are revealed this Tuesday, July 5. Depending on the academies, the results were published between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

For the first time since the diploma reform initiated by Jean-Michel Blanquer, the tests took place this year without the disruptions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic which had marked the last two sessions. Last year, nearly 94% of candidates passed the exam that gives access to higher education.

Towards a lower success rate

The first trends “indicate a decrease compared to previous years, because it is the first real year of the reform of the bac that is not hampered by the health crisis”, announced the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye, during a trip to the Marx Dormoy high school in Champigny-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne). ” It thwarts those who said that continuous monitoring would give extraordinary results. The new baccalaureate remains an important examination”he added.

Since the reform in 2019, the baccalaureate mark is based 40% on continuous assessment and 60% on final tests (written and oral French, passed in first class, philosophy, specialty tests and the grand oral , passed in terminal). “Continuous monitoring exists in most countries of the world” and “undergoing work” who show “that’s fair”underlined the Minister.

To his eyes, “the old bac should not be mythologized” as “a time when everything was going wonderfully”. “We forgot that the old devices were not devices that worked perfectly for equality”he continued. “We are attentive to the situation, without turning back”.

Catch-ups from Wednesday

Of the 709,399 candidates trying to win the precious sesame, more than half presented the general baccalaureate. They are 26.2% to pass the professional baccalaureate and 20% to present the technological baccalaureate.

To find out their results, students can go to their school where the lists of accepted or rejected candidates are displayed. However, most will prefer to bring their baccalaureate registration number and consult their results on the national education website.

Students who have obtained a mark between 8 and 10 will have a second chance to obtain their diploma during the remedial oral tests. These will take place the day after the results, between Wednesday 6 and Friday 8 July. The candidates concerned will have to select two subjects to retake in order to attempt to obtain their diploma.

A step before admissions to higher education

Obtaining the exam being a sine qua non condition for entering higher education, the marks of the specialty tests, as well as those of the philosophy and the oral examination were not taken into account in the platform. Parcoursup, which has been delivering its answers to the candidates’ wishes for their future since the beginning of June.

Students admitted to the baccalaureate and to a higher education establishment can now validate their registration in the latter. The main admission phase on Parcoursup ends on July 15. Candidates who have not been accepted into higher education can make 10 new wishes until September 16 as part of the additional admission phase.


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