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Baccalaureate 2022: the admission rate before retakes down by 4.7 points

The results of the 2022 baccalaureate were unveiled by the Ministry of National Education on Tuesday July 5. The rate of admissions before retakes was 86%, a decrease of 4.7 points compared to the previous edition. Of the 700,300 applicants, 602,200 were accepted, 35,300 less than last June, and 44,900 were rejected, ie 2.2 points more than last year.

As for the catch-ups, the tests of which begin on July 6, they will concern 53,300 candidates. The success rate also fell in the general baccalaureate, reaching 91.5%, 3.8 points less than in 2021. This decrease is much clearer at the level of the technological baccalaureate: the admission rate peaks at 80 .6%, compared to 89.2% in 2021. In certain sectors, such as STI2D, STL, STMG and ST2S, the drop exceeds 7 points.

“The new baccalaureate remains an important examination”

At the start of the day, the Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye had mentioned “a drop in results compared to previous years”indicating that it was not “not entirely surprising” because “this year is the first real year of the baccalaureate reform that is not hampered by the health crisis”. Indeed, for the first promotion of the reform, the modalities had been modified due to the Covid-19.

“It thwarts those who said that continuous monitoring would give extraordinary results. The new baccalaureate remains an important examination”, he added. Since its reform in 2019, led by Jean-Michel Blanquer, the baccalaureate mark is based 40% on continuous assessment and 60% on final tests.


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