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Baccalaureate 2022: instructions for the specialty tests

► Who is concerned by these examinations?

Invitation letters reached 523,000 candidates. The 381,000 enrolled in the general route, which in 2019 saw the abolition of its old sectors (L, ES, S), will work on the two specialty lessons that they kept in terminale, in addition to the common core. Their 142,000 comrades in the technological path, who themselves do not benefit from an “à la carte” baccalaureate, will compose on the specialties attached to their sector. This burst of exams does not concern, however, future vocational baccalaureate holders.

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► How are the tests organised?

In one of the 3,000 examination centers, each candidate takes two tests, scheduled between Wednesday 11 and Friday 13 May. The duration and form of the examinations vary according to the specialties. The test may include an oral, as is the case in art or foreign or regional languages, literatures and cultures. It can also include an assessment of “experimental skills” in life and Earth sciences, in physics-chemistry and in certain series of the technological pathway. Note that in the most popular “spés”, especially in maths (142,000 students), not all candidates will be able to compose at the same time. Different subjects, of equivalent difficulty, will be offered to them.

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► When will candidates know their results?

In principle, the candidates should have taken their specialty tests in mid-March so that the results can be included in their file for Parcoursup, the higher education orientation platform. In other words, in normal times, at this time of year, students would already know their “special” marks, possibly decisive, with a coefficient of 16 out of 100 assigned to one as to the other.

But the tense health situation in the first half of the year led the government to postpone these exams for two months. And, from the department’s point of view, there is no longer the same urgency to communicate the results. The 45,000 correctors will retrieve the copies electronically on a secure platform and will then have until June 3 to evaluate them. They will be able to ask their headteacher for up to four half-days of class exemption to carry out this correction. The results will not be communicated to the students until the beginning of July, at the same time as the notes for philosophy and the grand oral, the two other final tests, scheduled from June 15 to July 1.

► Are there other Covid-related facilities?

The candidates compose on the basis of the program initially planned. They were given two additional months to revise it. The ministry has also decided to give them a wider choice of subjects to avoid having to work on a theme that they could not have seen in class due to an absence linked to the Covid. For the rest, the protocol which applies in the examination rooms is the same as that in force in the rest of the establishments, with in particular the wearing of a mask purely optional. Candidates are also separated from each other to limit the risk of fraud.


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