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Baccalaureate 2021: the subjects of the philosophy test revealed

We know the subjects of the 2021 philosophy baccalaureate. This year, 525,760 high school students are working this Thursday, June 17 on four subjects to choose from, instead of three. Those from the general sector will discuss: Discuss, is it renouncing violence? ; Does the unconscious escape all form of knowledge? ; Are we responsible for the future? The text explanation relates to an excerpt from the book “From the Social Work Division”, by Émile Durkheim.

For their part, technology students are working on: Is it always unfair to disobey the laws? ; To know is to believe nothing? ; Does technology free us from nature? The text explanation is taken from an excerpt from Sigmund Freud’s work: ” The poet and the activity of fantasy “.

The stake of this test was however reduced after the announcements of modifications because of the health crisis: it is the best mark which will be retained, between that obtained in the test and that of the continuous control, on condition of ‘have returned his copy.

Since the 1970s, the philosophy test has kicked off the baccalaureate exams.

→ EXPLANATION Baccalaureate, philosophy keeps its place apart

This year, to reduce the pressure after a year of Terminale upset by the Covid-19, the continuous assessment will represent at least 82% of the final mark of candidates for the general and technological baccalaureate, the written test of philosophy and that of the grand oral corresponding to the remaining 18%.

The specialty tests, which were to be held for the first time in March, have been canceled in favor of continuous assessment.

Sanitary measures series

On the health side, the Ministry of Education has planned a series of measures. All candidates will have to work on their copies while being masked. Offices will be spaced out and cleaned. And no exams for candidates identified as contact or positive Covid-19 cases: they will be invited to a replacement session in September.

For this first edition of the Bac Blanquer, born from the reform of July 2018, some 715,000 candidates will try to obtain the precious diploma.

The results of the bac will be unveiled on July 6. The catch-ups will start the next day and will run until July 9.


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