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Bac 2021: slightly lower results

At the end of a particularly chaotic school year with teaching made up and back between class and video, the results of the 2021 baccalaureate are showing a slight decrease (- 1.6 points) compared to those of 2020. The number 90.5% of candidates admitted before catching up is 90.5%, for a baccalaureate mainly under continuous assessment: the final ones passed two tests in June (philosophy and grand oral), but ” treated as they were treated, they remain unrepresentative », Emphasizes Sophie Vénétitay, professor of SES and general secretary of Snes-FSU.

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In detail, 95.2% of candidates for the general baccalaureate are admitted straight away (+ 0.4 point compared to 2020), as are 89% of those for the technological baccalaureate (- 1.2 points) and 82% of those in the vocational baccalaureate (- 5.9 points). “The revision conditions were sometimes specific but you can be proud of the work you have accomplished since it has now borne fruit”, said the Minister of National Education in a video on Twitter.

A large part of continuous monitoring

The suspense was reduced for this first edition of the “Bac Blanquer”, resulting from the 2018 reform: the continuous assessment represented at least 82% of the final grade of the general and technological baccalaureate, several table exams having been canceled due to a pandemic.

Among the two tests maintained, the grand oral, the flagship test of the general bac inaugurated this year, could be particularly revealing of the inequalities of preparation linked to this period, Sophie Vénétitay not hesitating to mention a ” tie break “.

As for the other final test, that of philosophy, the highest mark between that obtained in the examination and that of the continuous assessment was retained. Taking into account the grades for the year may have been a source of tension between parents, students and teachers, notes Sophie Vénétitay. Moreover, unlike the previous year when the instruction was to harmonize upwards, the deliberations were able to harmonize downwards this year.

Many dysfunctions

Finally, this edition of the bac was punctuated by numerous dysfunctions, from the organization of the tests to the publication of the results. First at the level of convocations (sometimes erroneous or non-regulatory) and the composition of the juries of the grand oral.

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Then during the corrections. For the first time, all copies have been digitized for the sake of simplification… Not necessarily achieved. Indeed, the operation was carried out with the equipment already available to the establishments. Equipment for the most part “ poorly suited to supporting duplicate exam papers », Observes Jean Klein, general secretary of SNUPDEN, union of management staff. The digitization and then the malfunctions of the correction software led to delays in the deliberations, in particular in Île-de-France where some took place until the day before the announcement of the results.

The final success rate will be known on Saturday, after the oral exams. It was 95.7% last year.


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