Baby girl hand blender

Doctor Nguyen Quang Vinh, Department of Upper Extremity Surgery and Microsurgery, 108 Military Central Hospital, on July 1, said that the baby was crushed by a blender in his right hand, nearly breaking off the second finger of his right hand. , only the flexor tendon remains, white due to lack of blood supply.

Doctors have to reattach bones, connect extensor tendons, connect nerves and blood vessels to re-supply blood to the finger. Due to the small size of blood vessels in children, many injuries and bruises, it is very difficult to handle. In addition, the problem of anesthesia in pediatric patients for prolonged surgery, use of anticoagulants after surgery, care, dressing change… is also a big challenge.

Fortunately, after surgery, the wound is dry, the young finger is ruddy.

According to the doctor, the patients experienced complex injuries due to crushing, most of which could not save the whole hand. In many cases, recovery is not possible or takes a long time to recover.

Doctors recommend that young children are often hyperactive, curious, do not have knowledge and prevention skills, so they are very prone to accidents and injuries. If there is an accident, the family needs to give first aid to the victim and quickly take them to the nearest specialized medical examination and treatment facility for timely emergency and treatment.

X-ray film of the patient’s lesion. Image: Hospital provides


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