Ba Ria – Vung Tau: Deploying Bluezone to save sampling time

Ba Ria – Vung Tau takes advantage of Bluezone application in receiving people to Covid-19 sampling points, in order to save time compared to conventional input methods.

On August 3, the Ministry of Information and Communications held an online conference to disseminate experience in deploying technology platforms to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic nationwide.

Mr. Le Van Tuan, Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, shared at the seminar about the province’s testing of using Bluezone at the Covid-19 testing point.

Scan the QR code on people’s smartphones to get information at the sampling point in Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Previously, at Covid-19 testing points, health workers entered people’s information by hand, recorded it on paper, then at the end of the day entered it in an Excel file on the computer to send it to the Control Center. epidemic disease (CDC) of the province. This is quite time consuming. There are cases where samples of the disease have been sent to the provincial CDC but the list of people has not been delivered, leading to a delay in testing.

To speed up the reception of people who come to take samples, the Department of Information and Communications piloted scanning information by QR Code on each person’s Bluezone application, instead of making a paper list as before.

Each resident who comes to test for Covid-19 is required to pre-install the Bluezone application on their phone. When they arrive at the sampling point, volunteers only need to scan people’s QR codes on this app.

Because people have previously declared information on Bluezone, when they arrive at the sampling site, they just need to show their QR Code for the volunteer to scan the confirmation code, then go to the sampling area.

According to Mr. Tuan’s calculations, it takes less than 1 minute for people to use Bluezone from scanning the code to completing the sample. At the end of the day, the results are returned via the application.

Using Bluezone to confirm sampler information, according to Mr. Tuan, helps take advantage of the platform’s available data source. Implementation is also easy as the QR scanning software only needs to be installed on the volunteer’s phone or computer. Finally, data is centralized and updated in real time, making it easy to manage at all levels.

In the current period, at local sampling points for testing, people are still divided into two groups of people. One group has installed Bluezone and the other has not, will be guided by volunteers to install or enter data by computer. The actual implementation shows that the sampling process in the group of people who have installed Bluezone is always faster due to the reduction of data entry time.

According to the experience of Ba Ria – Vung Tau, it is necessary to have strong communication, possibly using ward speakers, to encourage people to install and declare information on Bluezone before going to the sampling point for testing.

In addition, there will be about 15-16% of people who declare data on the application that do not match the information of the sampler. Therefore, it is necessary to ask the person who comes to take the sample to bring the declaration to compare the information.

Besides Ba Ria – Vung Tau, other localities also shared their experiences in using technology in local Covid-19 epidemic prevention. For example, Ho Chi Minh City has registered vaccination on the national vaccination system, and has put more than 630 thousand people vaccinated into the national system. Meanwhile, Bac Giang also requires people to install Bluezone, VHD, and Ncovi applications to declare at control points.

At the end of this workshop, representatives of the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Departments of Information and Communications agreed to use a number of unified national platforms to facilitate data communication and strengthen the capacity of disease prevention across the country. .


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Bac Giang: Every factory, grocery store, bus… is a medical declaration point

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