Axie Infinity attacked the Korean market, shocked after the hack?

Sky Mavis – the company that developed the game Axie Infinity is looking to expand its operations in the Korean market, despite the country’s barriers.

This is information that has just been shared by a co-founder of Sky Mavis at the Korean Blockchain Week.

Accordingly, Jeffrey Zirlin – co-founder and head of growth of Sky Mavis said that Korea is one of the most important game markets in the world. Therefore, Axie Infinity’s ambition is to double the number of gamers in this country.

Jeffrey Zirlin shared, Axie Infinity currently has a lot of gamers in this country. Therefore, Sky Mavis is looking to adjust, so that the game becomes more suitable for Korean gamers.

We want to localize the game. Koreans don’t speak much English. This is a barrier for Axie Infinity game players in this country,” said Jeffrey Zirlin.

The game Axie Infinity is looking to thrive in the Korean market. Photo: Trong Dat

According to the founder of Sky Mavis, it is a fact that Korea is the country that owns the best gamers in the world. Even with Axie Infinity itself, many of the top players in the rankings are from Korea.

However, a barrier with Axie Infinity when deployed in “kimchi land” is that the Korean Game Rating and Regulatory Commission has banned the release of play to earn games in the country. this family. The reason is given by Korea’s strict anti-gambling policies.

Previously, in December 2021, the Korean Government also banned the listing of Blockchain games with monetization elements on two popular application markets, Google Play and App Store.

Despite those difficulties, the co-founder of Sky Mavis still hopes that he will be able to negotiate with the Korean government to make the country change its stance.

Axie Infinity also recently launched a new version called Origin. Unlike the original, the new version of the game does not require players to spend money to buy characters. Gamers can join the game with 3 free characters. Currently, 800,000 gamers have signed up to join the new version of this game.

The number of Axie Infinity players has plummeted since the hack in March 2022. (Metric: ActivePlayer)

At the moment, the Axie Infinity game is still in its early stages, has not yet launched an application on Google Play and App Store.

Since the hack in March 2022, along with the downtrend of the cryptocurrency market, the number of Axie Infinity players is plummeting. According to the latest statistics, there are currently about 766,000 Axie Infinity players globally. This number has dropped sharply from about 2.7 million players in the first months of 2022.

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