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Awesome: 18 kg snake stuck in the dashboard of the car, photos go viral

You must have seen the snake many times in the forest, but have you ever seen the snake in the dashboard of a car. Your answer will be no, but it has happened. This is from Carolina, USA, where the pet boa constrictor snake is found in the dashboard of the car. This information has been given by WXII.

The photo of snake being stuck in the car’s dashboard has been shared on the Facebook page of Stanley County Animal Protective Services.

It has been reported that Stanley County Animal Protective Services was informed that the snake is trapped in the dashboard of the car. After which he went to the scene and removed the snake from the dashboard of the car. Now after coming in front of this picture, people are reacting differently. If someone is asking the weight of that snake, then someone is asking how the snake was ejected.

However, the car has also suffered some damage in removing the snake from the dashboard. It has been reported that the snake had left its container and gone into the dashboard. Actually it was a pet snake whose length is said to be 8.5 feet. As far as its weight is concerned, its weight is being told 18 kg.


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