Awarding VinFuture Prizes for 4 scientific works serving humanity in 2021

One year after its launch, the VinFuture Award Council has completed its appraisal and agreed to honor four outstanding scientific works that have had a positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world.

Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony and VinFuture Science and Technology Week, held from January 18-22, 2022 at the Opera House, Hanoi.

This is an international event honoring outstanding scientific works and promoting the spirit of innovation to serve humanity in 2021, with the participation of the world’s leading scientists, key planners and leaders. books, leaders of technology corporations and award winners.

The award ceremony will be held on the evening of January 20, 2022 according to the most solemn ceremony, to honor the owners of the first VinFuture award system, including the main prize (VinFuture Grand Prize) and 03 Special Prizes specifically for female scientists, scientists from developing countries and scientists working in new fields.

Along with the Award Ceremony, VinFuture will organize a Science – Technology Week for the community of scientific researchers, business leaders and startups in the field of technology and industry. Through a series of exchange activities with the Award Council and winning scientists, VinFuture will connect the intellect between the Vietnamese science and technology world and the world, and between academia and entrepreneurs to contribute to the future. bringing science and technology to life in a practical and effective way.

In addition, academic activities within the first VinFuture Award series of events will also take place from January 18-21, 2022, including: Exchange with the Award Council, Science and Life Seminar. , Scientific exchange and dialogue with the Prize Owner.

Sharing about the upcoming series of events, Prof. Sir Richard Henry Friend – Chairman of the VinFuture Award Council and the 2010 Millennium Prize Winner said: “Science and technology need to bring benefits to all peoples. and country. The VinFuture Award honors people with breakthrough scientific and technical achievements that have made a positive impact on the lives of millions of people on the planet.

VinFuture was founded by Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong – Chairman of Vingroup and his wife – Ms. Pham Thu Huong, with the vision of creating meaningful change in the daily lives of millions of people on earth.

Awarding VinFuture Prizes for 4 scientific works serving humanity in 2021

Right in the first year of its launch, VinFuture Jury Council received 599 quality projects from more than 60 countries in 6 continents around the world. In which, nearly 100 projects come from scientists in the top 2% most cited in the world and many of them have received noble awards such as Nobel, Breakthrough, Tang Prize, Japan Prize. Prize… The projects went through several rounds of review by 12 members of the Preliminary Committee and then 11 members of the Prize Committee.

With the outstanding quantity and quality of projects and the serious appraisal of the Council of influential scientists in academia, research and innovation globally, the 2021 VinFuture Awards are held annually. The hope is to bring inventions and inventions with obvious applicability and effectiveness to human life.

In particular, the presence of outstanding minds in the global science – technology world at the Awards Ceremony and the first VinFuture Week will contribute to positioning Vietnam as a potential new destination for science – world technology; at the same time, it opens up opportunities for multi-dimensional connection between scientists and entrepreneurs, promotes commercialization, and quickly brings applied research ideas to life.

The VinFuture Foundation, launched on December 20, 2020, on the occasion of the International Day of Human Solidarity, is an independent, non-profit operating fund in Vietnam. The Foundation was founded with the vision of making meaningful change in the daily lives of millions by celebrating technological innovations of global stature. The Foundation’s core activity is to award the VinFuture Prize annually for breakthrough scientific and technological inventions that have been, are or have the potential to create meaningful changes in people’s lives. In addition, the Foundation will conduct many activities to realize its mission, such as funding research, collaborating in academic development, promoting STEMM education.

Annually, the Foundation will award 4 Awards. The US$3 million VinFuture Grand Prize is one of the largest ever annual awards globally. VinFuture also awarded 03 Special Prizes, each worth 500,000 USD, to female scientists, scientists from developing countries and scientists researching new fields.

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