Awarded the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2020

The Vietnam Digital Awards 2020 took place at 15:30 today (October 18) at Au Co Theater (No. 8 Huynh Thuc Khang – Hanoi), broadcast live on VTC1, VTC2 and online on VietNamNet.

The Vietnam Digital Transformation Awards is an annual event organized by the Vietnam Digital Media Association, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

This year, the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award continues to honor organizations and individuals who have made achievements, have made valuable contributions to the development of digital technologies, have made important contributions to digital transformation and development. National number.

Clip awarding the excellent digital transformation state-owned enterprise:

The Award Council consists of experts in the fields of science and technology, information and communication, economics: Dr. Nguyen Quan – Former Minister of Science and Technology, Chairman of Automation Association, Chairman of Final Council; Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung – Director of Department of Computerization, Chairman of Preliminary Examination Council; TS. Tran Minh – Director of Vietnam Institute of Software Industry and Digital Content – Vice Chairman of the General Council of Examiners, PhD. Pham Hong Quat – Director of the Science and Technology Enterprise and Market Development Department, Member of the Final Council; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Huynh Quyet Thang – Rector of Hanoi University of Technology, Council members and council members are experts, managers, and journalists from ministries, central agencies.

This year, the award was launched from March 2020. After 4 months of receiving, the Organizing Committee has received 232 entries from all sectors according to the award structure.

The evaluation criteria for voting and awarding the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award are based on the features and functions of products, services, solutions, technology, security and quality of products and services; The prominence of the product or service compared to other products of the same type on the market; New products and services with potential for application; Human resources, investment in ICT; Process of management, administration, production and business; Evaluate the effectiveness of the Transformation by Revenue, market share; Reputable capacity of the unit, business owner; …

Individual Unit Award Clip Category for narrowing the digital gap: Through the preliminary and impartial evaluation process, the Organizing Committee has selected the best digital technology solutions from 27 enterprises, technology groups and 31 state agencies. The typical digital transformation enterprise to award the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2020:

* Category Products and services, digital solutions: Awarding typical solutions in the fields of: Social networks, Mobile applications, e-commerce services, E-payments, Media marketing solutions , Smart city and e-Government solutions, safety products and services, information security.

* Category of digital transformation business: Awarded to businesses in the fields of finance, banking, insurance, education, health, social security, agriculture, commerce, transportation, logistics, tourism, entertainment, communication and advertising has had a strong digital transition from the traditional model to the digital-based, business, work environment.

* Number transformation category of state agencies: Awarded to state agencies (at all levels) with a strong digital transition from the traditional model to a platform-based management environment. digital technology.

* The item of narrowing the digital gap: Awarding the unit with digital technology solutions to serve digital transformation in remote, extremely difficult areas.



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