Automotive: sales of diesel and gasoline cars continue to fall in Europe

The latest figures are for the second quarter. They are communicated by the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers.

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Numbers without appeal. Between April and June, sales of gasoline vehicles fell 22% compared to the same period last year. 910,000 registrations in total. More marked decline for diesel engines: less 28% with 409,000 cars sold. Gasoline vehicles now represent just over 38% of the new market in Europe compared to 17% for diesel.

Overall, sales are hampered above all by the shortage of electronic components. Almost five million new cars were sold in Europe in the second quarter. The main markets are all posting double-digit falls. But despite the drop in sales, electric and hybrid cars are doing well. Driven by bonuses for the purchase of less polluting cars – ecological bonus extended with us until December 31 – and the various aids offered by the States , sales of hybrids are progressing in countries such as France, Spain, Belgium and Poland, but are falling in Italy and Germany. On average, sales of hybrid cars fell 2% last month.

The 100% electric car is the only one to progress in sales. Between April and June, sales of electric vehicles increased by 11% but the conquest of the market was slowed down by supply problems accentuated by the war in Ukraine.

Be that as it may, we are still very far from European objectives. To reduce CO2 emissions from new cars to zero by 2050, Brussels will ban the sale of internal combustion engines in favor of 100% electric from 2035. The first mode of transport for Europeans, the automobile still represents today nearly 15% of the European Union’s total CO2 emissions.

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