Automotive company: Stellantis continues to reorganize its sites

Major maneuvers to adapt to the need for electric cars, the restructuring of the automotive sector is taking a new step every day. Stellantis brings a new example

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The car manufacturer Stellantis, resulting from the merger between the French Peugeot and the Italian-American Fiat-Chrysler, intends to bring together on the same site its service and research activities in the Paris region. It is a question of moving nearly 10,000 employees, the majority of whom to Poissy in the Yvelines. The project was presented yesterday at a central social and economic council to inform employee representatives.

Stellantis is clearly banking on synergies to enhance the efficiency of its sites. The main objective is to reduce what is called the real estate footprint, that is to say the costs and the surfaces occupied by the production sites and the various other functions of the company. The Stellantis factory in Sochaux is also launching its modernization to reduce its footprint: 200 million euros of investment to concentrate the assembly of the 3008 and 5008 models on a single production line. 60 vehicles must leave the chains every hour.

In the Paris region, Stellantis is counting on the sale of space in Vélizy, Satory and Trappes to finance changes considered essential in the face of the new organization imposed by the many changes in the group with the energy transition. Making the electric car already requires fewer people on the production lines and is socially expensive. Hence the need to move without delay by adapting the production tool, which some unions do not hear of this ear.

The CFDT speaks of a purely financial project which will lead to much higher transport costs for certain employees. The CFTC prefers to highlight the investment close to 300 million euros which, according to it, is rather reassuring for the future of the group’s Research and Development in France. As for the calendar, the first moves should take place at the beginning of next year.

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