Automatic work stoppages: faced with Covid-19, Health Insurance wants to go “as quickly as possible”

Thomas Fatome, Director General of Health Insurance (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

An immediate work stoppage, without going through the doctor’s office. Workers, self-employed or employees, who show symptoms of Covid-19, can obtain a stop with a single click. All they need to do is register on the site created for this purpose by the Health Insurance. As soon as they are registered, they are compensated, with no waiting day, until the result of their test, to be carried out within 48 hours.

CPME already fears abuses. The employers’ organization is worried about a “uncontrolled absenteeism “. But for Thomas Fatome, Director General of Health Insurance, this risk is limited: “The main idea is to support the respect of isolation, and to do it as quickly as possible “, to break the epidemic.

Thomas Fatome ensures that checks will take place: “We have the means to identify whether a person, over a fortnight, for example uses the device twice. We will then get closer to her… “. But the head of Health Insurance said to himself “confident”. He reveals that Monday January 11, at the beginning of the afternoon, 2,500 work stoppage certificates had been requested: “It starts normally “, according to him.

On franceinfo, Thomas Fatome details a new device: from January 20, any sick person will be able to receive a visit from a nurse to help them isolate themselves properly and to test, possibly, others. members of his household, with antigenic tests:

People need very practical advice on respecting barrier gestures, how to isolate oneself at home, how to manage meals, how to manage toilets …

Thomas Fatome, Director General of Health Insurance

on franceinfo

But does France have the human resources to carry out this operation? “We are lucky to have a very dense network “, answers Thomas Fatome: “140,000 liberal nurses, who make a lot of home visits. It is true that it is a challenge. But they can take it “.

The Director of Health Insurance cannot yet quantify the cost of this measure: “It will depend on the rate of use, but it is a worthwhile investment. Preventing sources of contamination, both in terms of health and economics, is a useful investment “.

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