Auto insurance: UFC-Que Choisir denounces the rise in prices

During the first confinement, last spring, the roads were almost deserted. During the second, more vehicles circulate, but still less than usual. However, the majority of the main auto insurance companies will increase their prices: 2% on average for 2021. Customers are angry. “I haven’t driven for more than three months, normally they would have stopped contributions since the cars don’t drive“, criticizes a motorist.

The UFC-Que Choisir denounces this increase and calls on consumers to assert their rights and “request reductions in the amount of their premium due to this confinement“, advises Matthieu Robin, of the UFC-Que Choisir, which specifies that “there has been a 14% drop in accidents this year“. According to the consumer defense association, some companies have saved more than 2 billion euros. If insurance companies increase their prices,”it’s also because repairs are more and more expensive“, according to Yves Carra, president of the Automobile club de France, which recommends motorists to renegotiate their contract.

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