Bridgestone: a scenario presented to save the Bethune plant, unions and politicians are now awaiting the manufacturer’s response

The government had promised a progress report, three weeks after the announcement of the closure of the Bridgestone plant in Béthune (Pas-de-Calais). He had also promised a second opinion, led by the firm Accenture, the first conclusions of which detail a scenario to save the site and which resembles the plan put in place seven […]

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Disability, from Neanderthal to augmented man

The difference, its acceptance, its contributions, constitute – it is fortunate – an inexhaustible material for the youth edition. Throughout the library, it is about identity, including sexuality, racism and even disability. And it is this last theme that is tackled in a way as original as it is instructive a brand new documentary album […]

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Too late to ask the question

They sometimes called her “Little Grandma”. A pretty name, full of sweetness and affection to designate their great-grandmother, their grandmother – hey, we will have to explain the word to them… Two years, soon, have passed since her death. It was the first time that some of our grandchildren had faced death – or at […]

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For the first time in the world, 4.36 lakh corona cases in 24 hours, death toll also increased, see the list of top-10 infected countries

Coronavirus: Corona virus is at its peak worldwide. Its havoc is increasing every day and a large number of people are getting infected with this dangerous virus. A record 4.36 lakh corona cases were reported in the last 24 hours. Earlier, a record 4.14 lakh cases were registered on 16 October. The death toll from […]

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Pakistan’s Sindh province has a huge stir late in the night, Pak army cordons Governor Emraan Ismail’s house

Islamabad: In Pakistan’s Sindh province, there was a great heat late in the night. Pakistani media reported that the Pakistan Army surrounded the house of Imran Ismail, the governor of Sindh province. In the midst of this stir, all the big officials including the IG of Sindh Police have canceled their leave. Sindh Police says […]