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Army arrests prime minister after coup in Sudan

Sudan Army Arrests Prime Minister: Sudan’s military seized power on Monday, sacking the caretaker government, hours after arresting the prime minister. After this, thousands of people took to the streets to protest against this coup. Security forces opened fire on the crowd, killing three protesters and injuring 80. A committee of doctors in Sudan gave […]


VIDEO. “Sensitive affairs”. Behind the controversial sale of Alstom to General Electric, a “deal” of the French CEO with the American justice?

“They distributed bribes to win contracts in Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Bahamas. In all, Alstom paid tens of millions of dollars in bribes, to get 4 billion in contracts, and 300 million in profits. Alstom has agreed to plead guilty, admit wrongdoing, and pay a fine of 772 million dollars. “ This is, […]


The bad guy changed the name of Vinh Phuc Provincial Police Fanpage

The official Facebook page of the Vinh Phuc Provincial Police has just been hacked. The bad object changed the name of this Fanpage to lower the reputation of the unit. As noted by VietNamNet, when accessing the official Fanpage of Vinh Phuc Provincial Police at, instead of the previous name, this information page has […]


Marilyne Canto, all-terrain actress

PORTRAIT – Heroine of “Alex Hugo”, the actress continues series, such as “H24” and “L’Île aux 30 Cercueils”, and will be very present at the cinema in 2022. Marilyne Canto’s beautiful face and sparkling gaze are well known, her name less so. Even if we stop her sometimes since she plays Commissioner Dorval in Alex […]


VIDEO. “It’s a complete state of shock”: arrest by the FBI, detention in a high security prison … an ex-executive collateral victim of the sale of Alstom recounts his descent into hell in “Sensitive matters”

The Alstom affair, which exploded like a bomb one day in April 2014 with a dispatch from the Bloomberg agency announcing the plan to buy Alstom’s Energy branch by General Electric, actually began a year earlier, at New York John F. Kennedy Airport. On October 25, 2021, the magazine “Sensitive Affairs” tells a thriller against […]