Little Vampire, biting cousin of Little Nicolas

Joann Sfar adapts his favorite hero imagined more than twenty years ago to the cinema. By injecting poetry into this dark character, he signs a happy family entertainment. Created in 1999 by Joann Sfar, the character of Little Vampire is a funny mini-hero with cathartic virtues and a surrealist aesthetic. ) 2020 JOANN SFAR’S MAGICAL […]


ITU Ministerial Meeting: Collaborating on the mission of ‘building a digital world together’

The Meeting of Ministers of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) member countries, which opened on October 20 at Vietnam time, discussed many issues, including emphasizing cooperation for digital transformation and sustainable development. The Meeting of Ministers of ITU member countries took place right after the opening session of the World Conference and Exhibition 2020 (ITU […]

Life Style

Islamism: the school is facing as best it can

A school under the influence of Islamism? The emotion provoked by the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty has provoked for five days a wave of catastrophic comments on social networks, on continuous news channels. The institution would have closed its eyes, the students and their teachers would now be at the mercy of radical Islam! […]

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America: Kamala Harris celebrates 56th birthday, Biden said – will celebrate birthday at White House next year

America: On Tuesday, the Democratic Party’s Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris turned 56 years old. On this occasion, the party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden congratulated him and said that we will celebrate his next birthday in the White House. Biden also shared a picture from his Twitter account on this occasion, in which both are […]


How has the distribution channel changed?

The digital era has shifted the world from “shopping” to “click, touch to buy”. Digital banking will take away the customers of the transaction offices. E-commerce floors will take away the customers of traditional stores. Enterprises will have to find an effective multi-channel distribution strategy. It is well known that it’s not allowed to choose […]


The nerve tumor weighs 9 kg

Quang NinhThe 39-year-old male patient had 11 surgery to have a nerve tumor in the buttock and now has a recurrence that threatens to rupture. Patient admitted to Quang Ninh General Hospital on 28/9, critical condition. The first tumor that appeared 20 years ago in the patient’s left thigh, diagnosed with a fibroid, had surgery. […]