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Australia’s Prime Minister’s WeChat account hacked, China accused of political interference

Australian PM We Chat Account: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has lost control of his account on the Chinese social media app WeChat. The country’s top lawmakers on Monday accused Chinese leaders of political interference on social media.

According to Sydney’s ‘The Daily Telegraph’, in early January, more than 76,000 WeChat followers of Morrison were informed of the change of the name of his account to ‘Australian Chinese New Life’. Not only this, Morrison’s picture was also removed from the account.

Morrison’s office declined to comment on the report

The newspaper claimed that these changes were made without the Australian government’s notice. However, Morrison’s office declined to comment on the report. James Patterson, chairman of Australia’s Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security, said WeChat had not yet responded to the government’s request to restore Morrison’s account.

Patterson alleged that the Communist Party of China was censoring Morrison in the wake of the proposed elections in Australia in May. He said the move was akin to an attempt to politically interfere in Australian democracy.

Morrison’s Liberal Party member appeals to fellow lawmakers to boycott the app

Patterson, a member of Morrison’s Liberal Party, also appealed to all lawmakers to boycott the app run by the Chinese company ‘Tencent’. He said it was a matter of grave concern that the 1.2 million Chinese-Australian citizens active on WeChat had been blocked from access to news coming from the Morrison government, but he could comfortably see criticism of the government by opposition leader Anthony Albanese. -can read.

Another Liberal Party MP and former diplomat Dave Sharma alleged that the interference was probably approved by the Chinese government. China has been critical of a new alliance announced in September 2021 between Australia, Britain and the US. Under this alliance, Australia is to be provided with a nuclear submarine.

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