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Australia’s PM said – Quad meeting will prove to be important in bringing stability in Indo-Pacific region

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday that his first meeting with US President Joe Biden and talks with leaders of India and Japan would prove crucial to stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

Meeting will be done through video conference in the early hours of Saturday

Let us know that for the first time in this conversation, through the video conference in the early hours of Saturday in Australia, the group leaders will gather together. At the same time, China has described the quad as an attempt to curb its aspirations. Morrison said that there is no reason for China to object to the meeting of group leaders.

Meeting important for peace and stability in Indo-Pacific

“It’s about four nations that have long-term interests in the Indo-Pacific region,” Morrison told reporters. For us, this is the place where we live, where Japan is, where India is and where America has a long presence. Therefore, this (negotiation) is important for peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific and it will benefit all the countries of the Indo-Pacific region, ” he said.

At the same time, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that he hopes that the meeting will be focused on the purpose of peace and regional cooperation.

Quad meeting to be led by US President Joe Biden

Let me tell you that the first summit meeting of Quad, the most powerful group in the Indo-Pacific region, will be held today i.e. on Friday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrisson, Prime Minister of Japan Yoshido Suga Shariq will be in this virtual meeting to be led by US President Joe Biden. While this first meeting of the Quad Quartet countries will decide the possibilities of a new partnership, there will also be an attempt to give a message to China’s growing grandeur.

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