Australia’s first major press partner joins Google’s paid system

February 16, 2021 10:39 GMT + 7

Seven West Media’s entry to the Google News Showcase pay-for-press system shows a positive sign in Australia. Paul Budde, a media expert, said: ‘The Australian government and Google seem to be negotiating.’

Seven West Media has just become the first major media partner in Australia to join Google’s paid press system, News Showcase, The Seven West Media agreement will be closed in about 30 days, expected to be more valuable. 30 million USD a year.

Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg shared about the Seven West Media agreement: “This is the achievement of more than 2 years of hard work of the Competition and Consumers Commission. Recently, Google has also negotiated constructive ”.

The new News Showcase was launched in Australia about 10 days ago. Google said that the country’s first partners on the News Showcase, mainly small-scale press agencies, achieved more than 1 million content views in the first eight days of operation.

The new Google News Showcase is launched in Australia.

The first Australian newspapers to appear on the News Showcase included The Canberra Times, The Illawarra Mercury, The Saturday Paper, Crikey, The New Daily, InDaily and The Conversation.

News Showcase is also the paid news model that Google has deployed in the UK, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Japan, and most recently, France. The US technology giant plans to invest about $ 1 billion in this model globally.

This model was brought to Australia by Google under pressure from a new bill, which states if press agencies and technology platforms such as Google cannot agree on prices for news content, an arbitration body. Independent dispute will be resolved.

Currently the bill of Australia is expected to still be passed, although Google has strongly opposed it. According to Minister Josh Frydenberg, the law will be the premise for more commercial transactions between Google and Facebook and the press.

Paul Budde, a media expert, said: “The Australian government and Google seem to be compromised. Australia can still claim victory, while the damage to Google is minimized”.

On Monday, Google also said it was in talks with other Australian media companies including Nine Entertainment, News Corp Australia, Australian Community Media and Guardian Australia.

Hero(According to Guardian, Reuters)

How does Google news buying to Australia work?

How does Google news buying to Australia work?

With Google opening the News Showcase in Australia version, partner newspapers in this country will be paid a monthly fee to provide the content of news articles. So how does News Showcase work, and how is it received?


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