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Australian Parliament, shaken by rape allegations, PM Morrison said – need to fix workplace culture

Sydney: A former Australian political adviser alleged 15 days ago that he was raped in Parliament House. In fact, Britney Higgins says that in 2019 she was raped by a male colleague employed as a consultant in the office of a minister in the government of the ruling Liberal Party. After Britney Higgins’ story unfolded, many women came forward and shared their experiences of sexual assault. After the flood of such allegations, pressure has increased on the Morrison government of Australia to respond.

Britney Higgins says that she was 24 years old then and this was her new dream job, which took place only a few weeks after joining. In March 2019, a senior colleague took him to Parliament after a night out. Brittany fell asleep in the minister’s office due to heavy drinking. Britney says that when she woke up, it was found that the man had sexually assaulted her. However, the man was dismissed in a few days. His dismissal was not only for the alleged sexual assault, but he also broke the security rules of the office, because the Parliament cannot be reached at night.

Was silenced for fear of losing his job

After the incident, Brittany told her boss and then security industry minister Linda Reynolds that she had been sexually assaulted. The minister assured Brittany to support and asked the police to lodge a complaint. Britney said that she was under pressure not to lose her job if she did so. Brittany says she was silenced by the Liberal Party. But Brittany decided to speak when she saw a picture in January, in which Morrison was speaking out against sexual assault.

Australian PM apologizes

The Australian PM apologized after Britney appeared. Morrison said that he understood the Britney case properly when his wife asked him to look into the whole matter, taking into account his two daughters. After Brittany Higgins, other women also came to the local media and accused them of sexual assault and harassment. A woman told The Australian that in 2020 a man raped her. If the government handled the Britney case properly in 2019, it would not have happened to him. Another woman said that she was raped in 2017 after a knockout.

Accused of raping a cabinet minister in 1988

Two opposition lawmakers – Labor Party MP Penny Wong and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young – have referred to a letter from the news agency AFP alleging that a man, who is currently a cabinet minister, had a 16-year-old girl in 1988. Was raped. The woman took her life in June last year at the age of 49. Last week, PM Morrison also admitted that there were loopholes in the system and the workplace culture needed to be fixed.

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