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Australia leaked Macron’s message, France said – this is a stupid act

French President Message Leak: French Ambassador Jean-Pierre Thébault said Australia’s leak of French President Emmanuel Macron’s messages to the media was not only a petty act, but also a warning to other world leaders. That’s because even his personal interactions with President Emmanuel Macron can be weaponized and used against him. He made this statement when the Australian media published news on Tuesday about the message sent by Macron to Prime Minister Scott Morrison in September.

French Ambassador to Australia Thebault, speaking to Australia’s national media, launched a scathing attack on the Australian government’s surprising decision to cancel a 90 billion Australian dollar contract with France to build a fleet of 12 diesel-electric submarines.

Australian media on Tuesday published reports about a message Macron sent to Prime Minister Scott Morrison in September. Morrison used it as evidence that Macron knew the deal was suspicious after Macron accused the Australian leader of lying during a Paris dinner in June. Macron said Morrison had given him no indication that the deal would not go ahead.

France has called the leaking of the message a betrayal and condemned it. Thebault said that Australia has behaved at a low level in terms of how and how much to proceed with someone or how much to trust in terms of truth or belief. “This act sends a very worrying message to all heads of state that be careful, messages will leak in Australia and what you tell your allies in confidence will eventually be used and weaponized against you,” he said.

Australia canceled the deal after it struck a deal with the US and Britain to acquire a fleet of eight nuclear-powered submarines built with American technology. Morrison says he did not lie to the French leader and it was clear that conventional submarines would not meet Australia’s emerging strategic needs.

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