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At university, the goal of a “100% face-to-face” start

Since the beginning of July, we have known the main lines of the start of the academic year. In the columns of Parisian, Frédérique Vidal brings, Wednesday, August 25, some important details.

While confirming the “principle” of a “100% face-to-face” re-entry, the Minister of Higher Education and Research sets out a rule in the event of the spread of the virus in a university: “If we have three positive cases for Covid-19 in the same teaching unit during a period of seven days, the Primary Health Insurance Fund is seized for contact-tracing. “

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In that case, ” a vaccinated student is not subject to isolation and can continue face-to-face lessons “. Positive cases and contact cases, on the other hand, are “Isolated for seven days, while being able to follow distance education”, specifies Frédérique Vidal.

No gauge in lecture halls

The Minister indicates that the gauge will not be applied in rooms or lecture halls. For the moment, we will stick to barrier gestures, including wearing a mask, cleaning and ventilating the premises.

Above all, she confirms, the health pass will not be required to access college. “Checking the passes of 4,000 students every morning at the entrance to the campus and taking care of those who forgot it would have been materially too complicated”greeted François Germinet, the president of CY Cergy Paris Université. “Here and there, it could also have created tensions, even blockages”, he believes.

Eight out of ten students received a first dose

The government is relying instead on free self-tests (2.5 million will be delivered to universities for the start of the school year) and especially on vaccination. Thus, 80% of 18-24 year olds have already received a first dose. “Mid-September, for the start of the school year, they will be 80% in two doses”, anticipates Frédérique Vidal.

To achieve this objective, vaccination centers piloted by regional health agencies and mobilizing university health services, if necessary, will be set up on campuses. If a site has few students, slots may be reserved for them in ordinary vaccination centers nearby.

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The stakes of a return to normalcy are high for many students who have only benefited from a few weeks of face-to-face lessons since the start of the pandemic, a year and a half ago.


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