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At the theater, shows to better understand type 1 diabetes

Léa is an ordinary child, with “a small difference that changes everything”. His body has declared war on itself: it is destroying the small islands that make insulin, the magic potion that helps his muscles absorb sugar. At 9 years old, Léa will have to learn to live with this ” nasty animal “, both huge and invisible: type 1 diabetes. On stage, the disease takes the form of a huge white sheet that engulfs him like a tsunami until the “superheroine” takes him by the arm- the body and fold it to take up less space. A nice find of staging!

Léa is played by actress, author and director Rébecca Stella; his mother, by his accomplice Avela Guilloux. Mothers of diabetic teenagers, they embarked on this extraordinary theatrical adventure ten years ago to combat misconceptions about type 1 diabetes that the general public too often confuses with that which affects overweight people. and forced them into severe diets.

An awareness tool

In 2016, their first show saw the light of day, The Desert Islands, followed by a second, Eclipses, around Léa’s adolescence and from the point of view of those close to her (the worries of the “owl” mum who only sleeps with one eye open, the little brother who demands attention). A third, white flags, just completed, addresses the questions of a now adult Léa: what job to choose? Why is his driver’s license only valid for five years?

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Performed at the theater but also in schools or hospitals, this trilogy has turned into a great tool for raising awareness and education for families. “It allows to initiate the dialogue between parents and children, with the doctors”, observes Avela Guilloux, whose monologues on the difficult parental “letting go” touch on the universal. Followed by a loyal audience, the two women will also star in a documentary, The Watchful Mothers, by Vanessa Gauthier, who has been following them for six years. Coming to TV soon.


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