At the Evreux-Vernon hospital, a concierge service to make life easier for staff


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No time to go to the shoemaker, to go to the dry cleaners or too late to do the shopping? The conciergeries are there to help you. And they develop in business. This has been the case since last February at the Evreux-Vernon hospital center in Normandy. A service much appreciated by the health staff, often with staggered schedules. #IlsOntLaSolution

A garment to be sewn, shoes to drop off at the shoemaker, a nanny to reserve, or even an administrative procedure to be carried out, the concierge service of the Eure-Seine hospital center takes care of everything hospital workers need. A precious help as explained Marine Letay, medical secretary: “It is very useful, with the slightly staggered schedules that we sometimes have, having a system like that in the workplace is really useful.“.

The concierge has been installed on the two sites of the hospital center in Vernon and Evreux since mid-February. Potentially more than 2,500 agents can call on its services. A physical permanence is provided twice a week, a dedicated site collects all requests the rest of the time. Classic services, therefore, such as dry cleaning, alterations, or even ironing. But the concierge can also offer other services that are a little more personalized, such as certain errands, the recovery of medication, or the making of medical appointments. Even more, according to the director of human resources of the hospital who sees only advantages: “We now know that for certain administrative procedures, it takes almost half a day. But here, with the service we offer, all this can be done in the workplace“.

The hospital center and the regional health agency finance the device and each user pays for the service he requested. A concierge service that also brings life to the local economic fabric by calling on local producers, artisans and entrepreneurs to fulfill the missions entrusted to it. A service that has attracted other large employers in the region such as the Evreux air base or Renault in Cléon.

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