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At the Assembly, the first steps of the delegation for children’s rights

She must be a “spur”a place of “long-term follow-up” and evaluation, promises MP Perrine Goulet (Renaissance, Nièvre), president of the brand new Delegation for Children’s Rights of the National Assembly. Tuesday, October 25, it must inaugurate the work that the president promises ” ambitious “.

For their first public working meeting, the 36 members of the delegation must audition Charlotte Caubel, the Secretary of State for Children. Several issues should be addressed. During a first meeting of the office, in fact, several priorities emerged.

Return of children from Syria

Thus, the first file should be that of the return of the children of French jihadists from Syria. Perrine Goulet asks that all “transparency is made on the way these children are accompanied”. Charge to the Minister “to explain, to reassure too, by shedding light on the follow-up of these children once in France”, she explains. Conversely, for many months, the majority seemed to hesitate between supporters of humanitarian repatriation and those of a safer line.

Second priority, exposure of the youngest to digital technology. While children are increasingly exposed to screens, with the risks that this entails in terms of access to inappropriate content (violent or pornographic in particular) but also harassment, elected officials intend to remind the State of its role lookout. “Important texts were adopted during the previous mandate, recognizes Perrine Goulet, but we will see to their proper application. »

Situation of children overseas and follow-up to the commission on incest

Another emergency: the situation of children in the Overseas Territories. Three members of the delegation come from these territories – Philippe Dunoyer (Renaissance, New Caledonia), Perceval Gaillard (Nupes, Reunion) and Olivier Serva (Liberty, independent Overseas and Territories, Guadeloupe). They “will encourage us to look where we never look”, summarizes the member.

In fact, various reports, including those of the Defender of Rights, report alarming indicators in these territories, which are very far from the standards of mainland France in terms of access to school or healthcare, for example.

The follow-up to the Incest Commission (Ciivise) will also be high on the agenda. “We will ensure that its recommendations do not remain a dead letter”, agrees Perrine Goulet. Set up on the model of the Sauvé commission, the Ciivise must measure the extent of sexual violence committed against children in all spheres of society outside the Church.

However, it has already issued certain recommendations to try to stem this abuse, which have not all been followed up. But, here again, parliamentarians want to keep an eye on things. “Several Renaissance colleagues wish to resume a text which did not have time to be adopted during the previous legislature on the status of children who witness domestic violence. With the desire to systematically suspend the parental authority of the violent parent, at least for the time of the investigation, which constitutes a workhorse of the Ciivise”, recalls Perrine Goulet.

Assess the latest child welfare and school bullying laws

Conversely, for the moment, the member for Nièvre is ruling out any major legislative development on child welfare and school bullying. “On these specific points, she justifies, important laws were passed at the beginning of the year, and rather than pushing new ones straight away, we are going to make sure that all the decrees and implementing orders are indeed passed, and evaluate these laws through expert hearings. »

To carry out all its missions, the delegation has the capacity to carry out “flash missions” and hearings, and to produce information reports. Among its 36 members, from all political backgrounds, there are some elected officials who have long been committed to defending the youngest, including Isabelle Santiago (Nupes, Val-de-Marne), Maud Petit (MoDem, Val-de-Marne) in who we owe the law prohibiting spanking, or Bruno Studer (Renaissance, Bas-Rhin), author of the bill on parental control by default.


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