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At school, these eco-delegates who see the future in green

Since last year, eco-delegates have become part of the life of every college and high school class. These students, elected by their classmates, have for mission to raise awareness among their peers, but also to propose concrete ideas in order to act for the planet. The best of them will be crowned with the “eco-delegated action prize of the year”, awarded by Bayard (publisher of The cross), the Ministry of National Education, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) and Citeo, a company specializing in recycling.

→ EXPLANATION. What is the role of the eco-delegate?

This role seems to be attractive, as the psychopedagogue and teacher Brigitte Prot notes. “In high school, in particular, the eco-delegate somewhat eclipses the class delegate because his role is more in line with the expectations of young people. We know that they are green and want to be useful, but this function reconciles the two: it defends the environment in a very concrete way. “ What therefore reinvigorate democratic life among the youngest.

Difficult to set up

Jeanne, student of 3e in a Parisian college, experienced it. “At first, not much happened, she admits. In January, I participated in a big meeting with all the eco-delegates and the director. Everyone had to come up with ideas. Me, I was in the youngest and I was intimidated. My idea was to recycle the anti-Covid masks that you have to change at midday. I had found a collection point on the Internet near the college and suggested that we take turns every evening to drop off the used masks. “

The idea was not accepted because her comrades found it too difficult to set up in accordance with sanitary rules, but Jeanne learned a lot. “I realized that it is difficult to get an idea across and that you have to work a lot before getting to know your subject well”, she enumerates.


Our opinion

While the climate future worries, involving the youngest in the search for concrete solutions is a good thing. At the age when they begin to project themselves into the future, they can only feel happy to be associated with the good running of the world. This small laboratory of good ideas also has educational virtues. It shows that it takes a lot of work to turn an idea into a successful project. This lesson gives meaning to school learning sometimes considered disconnected from real life.


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