At least three reasons to return to Bouzolles to see the Tuche de Noël

Highly anticipated, the fourth episode of the adventures of Jeff, Cathy and their children, welcomes (and roughs up) Michel Blanc. This is why we recommend that you board the Renault Nevada.

Les Tuche is a bit like mulled wine. It should not be overused but it remains very comforting, especially in the depths of winter. Several times postponed, this fourth part comes at the right time. And offer a little laughter in an era that has lost a sense of humor. So, yes, there will be fries with the turkey and a lot of samurai sauce “Who stings, who stings”. But that’s not the only reason to go see this comedy which shows that the beauf is not always who we think.

A free and loving family

We cannot speak of a great film but rather of reuniting with characters to whom millions of French people have become attached for ten years. In these times of pandemic, it feels good to find Jeff, Cathy, Wilfried, Stéphanie, Donald, Mamie Suze and her stuffed bichon. Particularly free, the Bouzollais do not care what to say. They have no claims to make and we will not find them on a roundabout in a yellow vest. The Tuche choose their fights. And if they continue to bicker, show each other a lot of love, respect and solidarity. Parents help their children no matter what. The grandmother, the famous Mamie Suze (Claire Nadeau) does not live in an Ephad but with her children, grandchildren and even great-grandchild.

Rehearsal comic

The lines are chiseled, especially the sharp dialogues between Jeff Tuche (Jean-Paul Rouve) and his brother-in-law monster Jean-Louis Marteau (Michel Blanc), regional boss of an American retail giant like Amazon. Cult replicas like “Fries fries!” are there. We laugh heartily whether we are a farmer or a city-dweller. The actors are good. Connoisseurs will notice that Michel Blanc has exceptionally grown a mustache in a nod to his cult character of Jean-Claude Duss from Tanned.

A Christmas story

For the first time, this fourth part is really aimed at children. The grandson of Jeff Tuche who must be in the six years has an important role, his cousin, the niece of Cathy, a young teenager who dreams of giving up the violin to become Miss Bouzolles, too. It’s a real Christmas movie, family oriented, aimed at all generations. The magic of fir trees, red sweaters, snow and even reindeer is there. The final scene, particularly successful, really makes you dream. She is worthy of Santa & Cie by Alain Chabat.


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