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At least 304 killed, 1800 injured due to strong earthquake in Haiti yesterday

Les Cayes: A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck southwest Haiti on Saturday, causing buildings to collapse and at least 304 people dead. At least 1800 people have been injured. Hundreds of houses have collapsed due to the earthquake. People took to the streets due to the quake and they helped rescue workers to rescue people trapped under the rubble of houses, hotels and other structures.

Several cities were completely devastated by Saturday’s earthquake and landslides disrupted rescue operations between the two worst-hit communities. Due to the earthquake, the suffering of the people of Haiti, already badly affected by the corona virus epidemic, has increased even more. The nation is likewise in trouble due to the assassination of the President of the country and the deepening poverty.

danger of escalation
The epicenter of the quake was about 125 km from the capital Port au Prince. The crisis could worsen early next week as Hurricane Grace could reach Haiti by Monday or Tuesday. Tremors were felt throughout the day and night after the earthquake. Homeless people, people whose homes are on the verge of collapse, spent the night in the open on the streets.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry said that help is being sent to places where cities have been devastated and hospitals are flooded with patients. The director of Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency, Jerry Chandler, said the death toll stood at 304 and that most casualties were in the south of the country. The process of bringing the injured to the hospitals is going on. At least 860 homes were destroyed and more than 700 were damaged.

US President Joe Biden has appointed USAID Administrator Samantha Power as the coordinating officer for US aid to Haiti. USAID will help assess the damage and rebuild. Many countries including Argentina, Chile have offered help.

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