At Goldman Sachs, junior bankers denounce “inhuman” working conditions

This is a fairly confidential survey of 13 very young financial analysts, who have just completed their first year at the prestigious American bank Goldman Sachs. The criticisms they have issued on their working conditions have been around social networks: they complain about their hundred hours per week and the psychological and physical pressure from their superiors, exacerbated in the midst of Wall fever. Street for the Spacs, these new listed acquisition vehicles launched with a vengeance.

“I’m at the bottom of the hole”, testifies one. “Sleep deprivation, the way we are treated by senior bankers, mental and physical stress… I have been in foster care and it is undoubtedly worse”, loose another, while the new boss of Goldman Sachs and DJ in his spare time, David Salmon, claims since his arrival a new relaxed way of life and a culture which wants to be, at least on the outside, less conservative.

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