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AstraZeneca, maker of the Corona vaccine, sold its 7.7 percent stake to Moderna, know how much it cost

AstraZeneca plc has sold its 7.7 percent stake in Moderna Inc. for more than $ 1 billion, after the shares of the US biotechnology company went up due to the coronovirus vaccine. But it has been said in the report that it is not clear at what time the British-based AstraZeneca sold its stake to Modern. So AstraZeneca and Moderna have not given any answer on this.

Moderna had expressed great hope

The report has revealed that AstraZeneca is maintaining a partnership with Moderna on treatments for other diseases. Explain that Moderna’s vaccine has been approved for emergency use against COVID-19 in the United States. At the same time, Moderna had said last week that the company is expecting sales of $ 18.4 billion from its coronavirus vaccine this year.

AstraZeneca’s Vaccine Kovishield is being mass produced at the Serum Institute of India. It is also being sent to many countries from India. Let us know that Astragenica vaccine is the vaccine of COVID-19. This vaccine produces immunity against the COVID-19 virus in your body. In particular, this vaccine is being applied to people 18 years of age or older. AstraZeneca is a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and bio pharmaceutical company.

American biotech firm Moderna announced a few days ago that its new vaccine targeting the South African variant of the corona virus is ready for testing. Also, the company is increasing its production internationally from 600 million doses to 700 million doses for 2021.

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