Ary Abittan indicted for rape: Claude Lelouch refuses to cut the actor in his new film

The actor plays in Love is better than life, the director’s new film in theaters on January 19. Despite some advice from “decision makers”, the filmmaker refused to remove the scenes in which his friend appears. For him, the presumption of innocence still has meaning in our country.

While Claude Lelouch’s new film, love is better than life, due out this Wednesday, January 19, the director was advised to cut the scenes where Ary Abittan, indicted for rape on November 2, appears. Advice that Claude Lelouch refuses to hear with regard to the presumption of innocence and his friendship for the comedian.

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My friends can count on me when they are bad. What Ary is going through right now is a real nightmare.” assures Claude Lelouch to our colleagues from Parisian , adding that the comedian is “ very unhappy with what happened to him “. ” Obviously, the decision-makers told us: ”We have to change”. I was told: ”TV no longer buys films with Ary Abittan”. You realize? I’m not going to listen to those things. In addition, I am a faithful friend”, he confides again.

In this feature film, Ary Abittan only plays a secondary role, that of an ex-prisoner who tries to find a companion for his former fellow prisoner played by Gérard Darmon. To do this, he joins Philippe (Philippe Lellouche) to contact an escort agency, whose role of boss is played by Sandrine Bonnaire.

The character of Ary Abittan appears in the film as a seducer, who declares his love for his banker and tells that once “he was going to flirt with cleaning women in wealthy neighborhoods”, with the aim of robbing the opulent apartments.

Claude Lelouch had already reacted to the accusations made against his friend Ary Abittan in the columns of Paris Match last December. “I would like to believe that this is a story that has gone wrong, but I will side with the decision of justice. She will tell the truth. It is a fundamental value of our democracy. You just have to give it the means, the time. But I can’t and don’t want to judge without proof. So I let justice be done.” he had assured, already affirming that he had no intention of cutting the scenes where Ary Abittan appears. “I believe in justice. For now, the presumption of innocence must come into play. If he screwed up, he should be punished. But friendship is a word that has a meaning“, insists the 84-year-old director. .

The instruction is taking its course

The actor was placed in police custody for 48 hours following a rape complaint filed on October 30 by a 23-year-old young woman, with whom he had been having an affair since September, reports the Parisian . On November 2, Ary Abittan was indicted for rape and placed under judicial supervision for facts that allegedly happened in his Parisian apartment in the VIIIand district, near the Champs-Élysées. The complainant accuses him in particular of having imposed sexual practices on her. What the 47-year-old actor disputes.

In this case, Ary Abittan receives the support of his relatives, like his producer Gilbert Coullier. The website Closer nevertheless reports that the producer is asking Ary Abittan “several million euros of loss of earnings» following the removal of the one-man-show For real, which was to be held over fifty performances. What Coullier refutes: “I was shocked by this article. I’m not asking Ary Abittan for a penny. I’m here to help and certainly not take advantage of the circumstances. The shows are postponed without deadline for the moment. I’m waiting to find out when we can resume.»

The same goes for host and producer Arthur, who refuses to “let go” his friend. Indeed, during the recording of the tenth anniversary of its flagship show On Friday, everything is allowed , the host cited all those who contributed directly or indirectly to the success of the show, including Florence Foresti, Claudia Tagbo, Gad Elmaleh and Ary Abittan, the latter not being present that evening.

The actor was also absent during the promotion day of the film What the hell have we all done? which will be released on April 6, in which he plays one of the sons-in-law of Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby. He will also be absent from the Enfoirés tour, which marks a stop in Montpellier this weekend.


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