Arnaud Desplechin: “My family sees my films and doesn’t say anything kindly to me”

MAINTENANCE – Back in his hometown of Roubaix, the director signs one of his most moving films: Brother and sister.

With Brother and sister, Arnaud Desplechin is back in Roubaix, his hometown, and in the Vuillard family. Nor quite the same as that of Kings & Queen and D’A Christmas tale. Nor quite another. The filmmaker refocuses this time the story on the hatred between Alice (Marion Cotillard) and her brother Louis (Melvil Poupaud).

LE FIGARO. – Brother and sister is there a variation fromA Christmas tale ?

Arnaud DESPLECHIN. – The beginnings of the plot are the same. A sister hates her brother. In A Christmas tale, it was Elisabeth (Anne Consigny) and Henri (Mathieu Amalric). But this film is only digression. The love story of Chiara Mastroianni has as much value as the cancer of Juno, the mother. Brother and sister on the contrary, go straight, pick up everything. I had left Elisabeth on a balcony in a somewhat forced happy ending, without really relieving her of her grief. I wanted to find a solution, relieve her of her hatred.

Brother and sister is a film about an incestuous hatred…

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