Aristocrats, Sonic 2, Morbius… The films to see or avoid this week

A fresco on the Japanese patriarchy, the second appearance on the screen of the most sonic of hedgehogs, the adventures of a vampire 2.0… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

Freaks Out – To have

Fantasy drama by Gabriele Mainetti, 2h21

What a circus! That’s the case to say. On the track, recapitulate strange creatures. There is a magnetic dwarf and masturbator, a werewolf always immersed in a book and an albino tamer of insects (one exception: bees). Our preference goes to the electric girl, who lights up light bulbs just by slipping them between her lips. This energy saving was not the main concern of the Romans in 1943. Italy was occupied. These distractions were welcome for the inhabitants. We ask for more. These 145 minutes seem to last thirty. Americans have things to worry about. The show is no longer on their side. Tremble, Hollywood, Mainetti is at your tail. IN

Icarus – To have

Animated film by Carlo Vogele, 1h16

How to retell the myth of Icarus without falling into the tragedy of a boy who flew too close to the sun to burn his wings? This is the successful bet of the Luxembourg director Carlo Vogele. Without spoiling the plot, we are quite impressed by the way he brings a touch of modernity to this thousand-year-old story, transforming the tragedy of Icarus’ fatal fate into a story of friendship of great sweetness, crossed by poetic flashes. Children and parents will come out charmed. It is without a doubt the mark of a great talent. OD

sonic 2 – To have

Adventure film by Jeff Fowler, 2h02

A favorite of children, the cerulean blue hedgehog Sonic, from the video game created by Sega in 1991, has carved out a place for itself in 2020. Sonic 2 brings back the infamous Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and enters two newcomers: Tails and Knuckles. Supercharged, joyful, touching, this entertainment is not lacking… in spice. OD

Morbius – You can see

Fantasy film by Daniel Espinosa, 1h45

Morbius is not exactly a model of joie de vivre, far from the pop and sparkling superheroes as the artists of the “House of Ideas” were able to imagine. This is also what characterizes the dark adaptation by Daniel Espinosa (Life) designed under the aegis of Sony and not Disney. Here we walk in the footsteps of Bram Stoker, with some allusions to Nosferatu or even to Blade, another vampiric character from the Marvel stable adapted in 1998 with Wesley Snipes. Quite cleverly, the film breathes understated romanticism, betting on the attractive darkness of the character, as well as an erotic subtext… quite unusual at Marvel. OD

In body – You can see

Comedy drama by Cédric Klapisch

With In body, Klapisch, continues to chase after his lost youth. He does this while dancing, with pointe shoes or barefoot. The first fifteen minutes do without dialogue, like a beautiful and cruel picture book. Élise, a 26-year-old classical dancer, is injured in the middle of a performance of The Bayadere , after seeing his lover flirting with another behind the scenes. With a broken heart and a loose ankle, she is told that she will no longer be able to dance. Klapisch has no style but he has a tone. He seems nice. His films look like him. This is its asset and also its limit, or the reverse. Everyone is handsome, everyone is nice, Jean Yanne would have said, a brilliant actor who is not nice at all. Everyone is funny too. E.S.

Aristocrats – You can see

Drama by Yukiko Sode, 2h05

At 27, Hanako is still single. An anomaly for his wealthy family. When she thinks she has found a husband, she realizes that he is already dating a hostess, a provincial who has come to study in Tokyo. Director Yukiko Sode adapts a novel by Mariko Yamauchi to paint male domination in Japanese society. Laudable intention, but his staging lacks nerve. E.S.

Return to Reims (Fragments) – You can see

Documentary film by Jean-Gabriel Périot, 1h23

Jean-Gabriel Périot transposes the autobiography of sociologist Didier Eribon. More than for the jargon text said by Adèle Haenel (“structuring polarity”, “discursive violence”), the film is valid for the extracts of reports and fictions which illustrate the working condition. In particular that of women, victims of their sex in addition to their social class. E.S.

Cyrano – You can see

Musical comedy by Joe Wright, 2h04

Capable of the best (pride and prejudice, The Dark Hours) like the worst (Pan, The Woman at the Window), Joe Wright signs a musical version of Cyrano de Bergerac. If the songs of The National hold up, Peter Dinklage struggles to convince in Cyrano. The production did not consider it useful to dress up the star of Game Of Thrones with a protruding nose. Replacing the long nose with a dwarf is a bit short. ah

yesterday’s world – To avoid

Drama of Diastema, 1h29

Only three days. It’s a bit short. How to counter the far right seventy-six hours before Sunday’s elections? The president is completely overwhelmed. If the idiot she had chosen to succeed him had not gone into an embarrassing business that a Russian site is about to disclose! They were only missing that. Why doesn’t Putin invade Ukraine while he’s there? A strange deja-vu quickly seizes the spectator, tired by the threat of a fascist international. Old refrain. Maybe this yesterday’s world will go down in history for having achieved the feat of making Denis Podalydès look ridiculous for the first time in his career. We would be him, we would destroy the sequence where he bursts into tears in front of his superior of all the copies in circulation. IN


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