Argument shift will realize the aspirations of developing the country for generations

Dr. Mai Liem Truc, former Deputy Minister of Posts and Telematics, said that technology and digital transformation are the foundation and key opportunities for Vietnam to develop the country strongly.

Dr. Mai Liem Truc, former Deputy Minister of Post and Telecommunication, said that technology and digital transformation are the foundation and the key is an opportunity for Vietnam to develop strongly. (Photo: Manh Hung)

Reporter: The national development orientation in the period of 2021-2030 states that the goal of building a prosperous and happy country is: to become a developed country with high income by 2030, and a developed country by 2045. To achieve that goal , the field of science and technology innovation … what role does it play, sir?

Mr. Mai Liem Truc: The industrial revolutions up to now have come from the innovations and inventions of new technologies. For a long time, Vietnam was backward and poor because it did not take advantage of the power of these revolutions. At the end of the 3rd revolution countries like India created the Green Revolution in biology, but we still lack rice. When changing to contract 10 so that farmers can freely work on their fields, Vietnam has no shortage of rice and has become a major rice exporter in the world.

Even in the telecommunications sector, when we grasp the technology trend of the 1980s to boldly give up analog technology, go straight to digital technology has created a strong development of Vietnam’s telecommunications. and in the top of countries applying digital technology early in the world. But if only relying on technology only, it is not enough if telecommunications maintains a natural monopoly environment. Therefore, the General Department of Post and Telecommunications at that time had a strong decision to open the telecommunications market to many economic sectors in spite of many conflicting opinions and certain obstacles.

Therefore, the factor of science and technology is the foundation, the key is important, but whether or not each country can take advantage of it depends on institutions and people.

In order to develop the digital economy on the basis of science and technology, innovate, improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy … Vietnam is having “bottlenecks”. do you need disassembly, sir?

In the past, we innovated, opened up markets and integrated on the basis of natural resources and cheap labor. Now, these factors are the limit and force us to enter a new stage of development with the creation of new technologies, especially digital technology. The world is moving to revolution 4.0 with such a strong appearance of digital technology is an opportunity and forces Vietnam to move to this revolution, in fact this is an argument shift. This is an opportunity for the country to change quickly with the aspirations to become a developed country by 2045.

Vietnam wants to successfully transform numbers must rely on three pillars. The first is technology, the second is institutions and the third is human resources.

In terms of technology, although we are behind many countries in heavy industry, mechanical industry, materials industry … but revolution 4.0 is an intellectual technology without relying on existing infrastructure. In recent years, we can see the strong development of many technology enterprises in Vietnam. We currently have nearly 50,000 digital technology businesses and will soon have the capacity to reach 100,000 digital technology businesses. These are the businesses that are shocking for Vietnam to transform digitally and it is our strength.

The second pillar of institutions is the most difficult thing to remove, otherwise it will hinder the promotion of technology application and innovation development. The institution here is first of all the legal corridor system.

We have transformed the institution from a subsidized economy to a market economy, now we must quickly transform the legal corridor in the traditional physical environment of the old economy to the legal corridor system. in a network environment. This is a big challenge that can be daunting, but once cleared it will drive innovation. For example, we talk about the role of the database in digital transformation but encounter data truncation, connection failure, and sharing. We do not have laws on the collection, storage, sharing and use of data protection, but only at a decree level, while countries have laws.

Previously, Vietnam still kept the mindset of doing science and technology like the state. But nowadays, the main subjects of science and technology are enterprises. Therefore, the policy on science and technology must also be changed accordingly. Policy must be issued quickly, in response to the requirements of development.

The third pillar is Vietnamese people with potentials in digital transformation. Vietnam has nearly 100 million people ranked 15th in the world, this is a big market and also a condition for our strong development. Successful number conversion depends on the head. The most important thing is whether the leader in the country, organization or business dares to do it quickly or decisively.

Digital transformation is posing a new opportunity for the country, do you personally believe that Vietnam will take advantage of this opportunity?

In fact, despite concerns over many challenges, I still have faith that Vietnam can take advantage of this opportunity.

Our country has gone through a difficult history with many wars, so it has the desire to stand shoulder to shoulder with other ethnic groups. That aspiration is also expressed through many generations and also in Uncle Ho’s testament to build a more dignified, bigger and beautiful country, shoulder to shoulder with the powers of the five continents.

Leaders also feel that digital transformation is the mission and opportunity to realize this aspiration. Followed by a series of macro-level decisions such as Resolution 52 of the Politburo on Revolution 4.0, the Prime Minister issued a digital transformation strategy. For technology businesses, they grasp the digital transformation trend and prepare resources not only for domestic and international markets. In addition, Vietnam has a strong telecommunications infrastructure, a high number of smartphone users, which is an advantageous factor for digital transformation.

How do you view the capacity of Vietnam’s IT businesses to take on the mission of building a strong, prosperous country and going on a path of prosperity and happiness?

We already have international corporations such as Viettel, Vingroup, FPT and many other small and medium enterprises going to the big sea.

I believe there will be many Vietnamese businesses joining the global value chain. Obviously, the country’s opportunities and missions rests on technology businesses. The country is facing new opportunities that need the contribution of technology enterprises. I have faith in the growth of digital businesses. This is the key force to shoulder the role of Vietnam’s digital transformation, including private enterprises.

However, whether Vietnam’s digital transformation is successful or not depends not only on enterprises because they have capacity, but also on the institutions and country administrators.

Thank you, sir!

Thai Khang (Perform)

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Starting a program to support 98% of Vietnamese businesses entering the digital era

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