Argentina discovered the first case of infection with the nCoV variant from the UK

A man who entered Argentina in late December 2020, infected with a new variant of nCoV from the UK, had no symptoms.

Argentina’s Science Minister, Roberto Salvarezza, announced on January 16, the nCoV variant that this person infected was VOC202012 / 01.

This is the first time Argentina has discovered a case of nCoV variant from the UK. Officials in this country do not publish details about the epidemiology of the infected person.

The nCoV variant discovered in the UK is considered “super contagious”, with a rate of spread more than 70% of known strains. This variant, with 23 mutations, spread throughout the southeastern UK in September.

Since being announced in mid-December 2020, the nCoV variant from the UK has followed inbound visitors to appear in more than 50 countries, including Vietnam.

After the UK, respectively South Africa, Japan, the US announced the discovery of many other completely new nCoV variants, all capable of “super infectious”. Scientists are doing more research on the characterization of these variants.

Also on January 16, a batch of Russian vaccines Covid-19, Sputnik-V with 300,000 doses arrived in Argentina. They will be used in this country’s immunization program for frontline health workers. Other batches of vaccine will continue to be imported in late January and February 2020.

Argentina has 44 million people. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the country has recorded 1.78 million Covid-19 infections and more than 45,000 deaths.

Le Cam (According to the Reuters, AFP)


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