Ardèche: a couple of engineers reconverted to create a local grocery store

Change your life, overnight. This is what Julie Martin decided to do, working as an engineer in the laboratories of a large company in Paris. “There were too many things that didn’t speak to me anymore“, she estimates. By teaming up with her husband Victorin, also an engineer by training but who has since trained in cooking and pastry making, they have chosen to settle in Payzac in the Ardèche with a specific objective in mind: to found their own grocery store.

The couple reclaimed an old business that had been closed for nearly five years. It was Bernard Ribouton, Victorin’s uncle, who alerted him to this opportunity. While the renovations are underway, Victorin and Julie are visited by many locals who are very enthusiastic about seeing this business open. The couple toured the area to meet local producers. The opportunity to highlight wines produced in the region. In March, the grocery store is expected to open before being followed later by the inauguration of a bar and restaurant.

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