Applying new powerful technology to track Covid quickly and efficiently

Instead of being only used as an auxiliary solution to find the source of the infection, localities should change their minds, making Bluezone become the main solution to track down suspected Covid-19.

Prime Minister mobilized people to install Bluezone

When Covid broke out in some localities, the Prime Minister asked the National Steering Committee, ministries, branches and People’s Committees of provinces and cities to take urgent measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic. , especially in epidemic localities, which emphasized the mobilization of people to install Bluezone software, implement the 5K message of the health sector, ensure safety.

The Government has repeatedly emphasized the factor of strongly applying technology to effectively prevent Covid 19 epidemics.

The application of technology will help tracing Covid-19 quickly and effectively. Photo: Trong Dat

Previously, the Ministry of Information and Communications offered many propaganda solutions for agencies and units to coordinate to implement in order to quickly and consistently deploy the use of bluezone. This application, combined with other medical declaration applications operating in Vietnam, will become an effective traceability ecosystem.

After more than a year since the first wave of Covid-19 appeared globally, suspect tracking technology remains the most effective way to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Bluezone will be effective when 60% of the adult population uses it

According to statistics of the Department of Information Technology (Ministry of Information and Communications), as of mid-February 2021, there were more than 29 million installs of applications to track suspected Covid-19 (Bluezone). The amount of Bluezone application installations has increased by 5.5 million times compared to the end of January, when the Covid-19 translation just broke out in the community.

Applying new powerful technology to track Covid quickly and efficiently
10 localities with the highest rate of installing and using Bluezone as of 5:00 p.m. on February 18, 2021.

Before the third wave appeared, nearly 2 consecutive months in Vietnam, there were no cases of Covid-19 infection in the community, many Bluezone users turned off the application because there was no need to use it. However, when the Covid translation broke out in the community, it became imperative to activate and install this application in order to quickly track suspected Covid cases in accordance with the spirit of the Government.

The Bluezone application has brought into full play its effectiveness in tracing thousands of suspected Covid cases. According to experts’ estimates, Bluezone will maximize efficiency if 60% of the adult population participates in using it. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for people to install and use Bluezone applications that both protect themselves and the community at this time to track and effectively prevent the spread of disease.

Using Bluezone has become the primary solution to tracing Covid-19

The fact that in some localities still exists the mentality that Bluezone is just an auxiliary solution besides the traditional form of tracing. In fact, authorities are dealing with many cases where Covid-19 patients do not cooperate to share epidemiological information, and report tortuous.

Bluezone is the most effective way to track down a suspected Covid-19 infection. Photo: Trong Dat

The full reliance on traditional traceability not only costs the authorities’ effort, money and time but also creates gaps in control, thereby increasing the risk. chance of disease transmission.

Instead of just being used as an auxiliary solution to find the source of infection, localities should change their minds, making Bluezone software the main solution to trace suspected Covid-19.

In order to do so, provinces and cities should issue epidemic prevention regulations, which require people to install Bluezone applications as a measure against the spread of disease. If every citizen and organization raises their awareness and uses technology to prevent the spread of Covid 19, this is an effective measure to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic in the fastest and most effective way.

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