Apple will work with LG to make the foldable iPhone

Apple is urgently looking for partners to research and develop foldable iPhone. However, it is probably not until the end of 2022 that the first series of iPhones using this technology will officially debut.

A folding iPhone concept based on the typical design of the iPhone X with “rabbit ears”, and the placement of hard buttons.

According to a recent report from DigitimesApple is expected to take advantage of LG Display’s technology to assist in developing future iPhone models with foldable screens.

However, it is still unclear whether LG is the panel supplier after starting production, or just support the development of folding screens on iPhone generations.

In fact, this isn’t the first time LG is said to be working with Apple on folding screen technology. Earlier in 2016, the company selected Apple and many other tech giants to research and make this idea come true.

According to many sources, since then, LG even dedicated a special team with the task of only researching flexible OLED screens for installation on the iPhone.

Besides LG, Apple is also said to be sourcing the display from Samsung for a temporary device called the “iPhone Fold”.

This is completely understandable, because Samsung is still one of the leading manufacturers of folding screen smartphones, with highlights from the Galaxy Fold series, Galaxy Flip, …

In addition, both Samsung and LG are also suppliers of main screen panels for iPhone models, so Apple likely will not exclude these suppliers from its list.

Apple will work with LG to make the foldable iPhone - 2

The introduction of the foldable iPhone promises to make the foldable smartphone market more exciting (Artwork)

Earlier in November 2020, Apple sent a prototype of the device iPhone with folding screen first to Foxconn, and is expected to hit the market in September 2022.

The final design of the foldable iPhone is still unclear, but it is reported that Apple will use a separate two-screen design, similar to Microsoft’s Surface Duo smartphone, instead of using one. and then folded like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. This design design will ensure the durability of the foldable iPhone screen, avoid the crack of the screen break after a period of continuous opening.

According to Dantri / Digitimes

Apple accelerated the testing of the foldable iPhone

Apple accelerated the testing of the foldable iPhone

According to some sources, the foldable iPhone will be launched in 2022 with an initial price of about 35 million VND.


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