Apple Watch Series 7 may be discontinued because it is too complicated

Apple’s latest generation of smartwatches is unlikely to be released in time with the iPhone 13 as previously rumored. The production line of this device has been suspended.

According to 2 sources from Nikkei Asia and Bloomberg, the Apple Watch Series 7 production line was shut down after a short time. The reason is said to be that the new design is too complicated, different from the previous generation, the product has a high error rate.

Nikkei Asia Apple Watch Series 7 production line began testing on a small scale last week. However, the result was not as expected. Finished product quality is not satisfactory.

Apple Watch Series 7 has a problem when sending him 1

Apple Watch Series 7 production line struggles with new design. Photo: 9to5mac.

The reason for this may be that the new design is too complex, significantly different from the old one. The assembler detected a problem when putting the modules, components, and screens together.

The source revealed that Apple Watch Series 7 has an additional blood pressure measurement feature. This requires the manufacturer to add more parts to the body of the same size as the old generation. In addition, Series 7 also enhances water resistance, making machining requirements more stringent.

Therefore, the partner and Apple have agreed to suspend the line, waiting for design adjustments before going into mass production.

“Apple and its suppliers are working around the clock to solve the problem, it is currently difficult to know when mass production can begin,” an unnamed person revealed on the website. Nikkei Asia.

Similarly, reporter Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also had access to inside information confirming that the Apple Watch Series 7 production line had just been suspended.

Accordingly, the screen is the most difficult stage in the production process of this generation of smart watches. To make the screen large and flat by design, Apple placed the panel closer to the glass using a new lamination technique. However, it raised a lot of errors.

But as usual, Apple does not comment on this information.

Also according to the source of Nikkei Asia, the Cupertino giant has been planning to launch a new smartwatch alongside the iPhone 13 in the next few weeks. Problems in the production line will greatly affect the sales plan of this product.

First launched in 2015, the Apple Watch is one of the fastest growing products from the California-based technology company. New functions such as electrocardiograms, sleep monitoring, and unlocking the iPhone while wearing a mask have increased the popularity of the device.

According to data from market research firm IDC, in 2020, Apple is the largest smartwatch manufacturer in the world. They shipped 36 million Apple Watches, up 39% year-on-year.

In addition to the Apple Watch and iPhone, Apple is preparing to introduce new AirPods, iPads and MacBooks in the second half of 2021.

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