Apple to pay $20 million to iPhone 4S users

Some iPhone 4S users who have problems after upgrading to iOS 9 will receive $15 from Apple, closing a six-year class action lawsuit.

Apple has just agreed to a six-year class-action settlement. The lawsuit was filed in December 2015. The plaintiff represents a group of iPhone 4S users in New York and New Jersey (USA), accusing Apple of false advertising that iOS 9 will improve performance on supported devices, including iPhone 4S.

Following Apple’s marketing, the plaintiff updated iOS 9 on the iPhone 4S. However, the opposite is true when iOS 9 significantly reduces the performance of the device.

Apple to pay $20 million to iPhone 4S users

Back in 2015, when it introduced iOS 9, Apple called it “the most advanced mobile experience”. The update includes features: proactive Siri suggestions, Slide Over, Split View, Picture in Picture (on iPad)… On the iPhone, Apple promises improvements in the background that will result in better responsiveness. The class-action lawsuit alleges that “apple” falsely marketed the iPhone 4S, the oldest iPhone model supported by iOS 9.

Under the agreement, Apple will pay $20 million to compensate iPhone 4S users who have problems in New York and New Jersey. Customers who believe they are a victim and are eligible for $15 must file a statement that they downloaded iOS 9 or any other version of iOS 9 onto their iPhone 4S and experienced a performance loss.

A website has been set up for customers to apply, providing their name, email, iPhone 4S serial number and home address.

Du Lam (According to MacRumors)

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